Root Canal Post Operative Instructions:

The Purpose of the root canal treatment is to remove diseased tissue

from inside of the root and seal the root end.

After root canal/ root canal re-treatment has been completed

Your root canal therapy will usually maintain your tooth and relieve any

pain you have been experiencing. Please avoid biting and chewing on the

tooth until it is permanently restored. It is very common for the tooth to

be tender after a root canal, and healing occurs more quickly if you do

 not chew on it immediately.

Will I have discomfort after the treatment?

If you had pain prior to starting the treatment, it will take up to a week or

more for the tooth to get back to normal. Give the treatment a chance to work!

If you did not have pain prior to starting the treatment, your tooth may be quite

sore for a few days up to 2 weeks after the appointment. This will be alleviated

with time. Avoid activity that may raise your blood pressure for 24 hrs and at

night elevate your head on two pillows. All of this will help reduce pressure

build up and pain on the tooth.

Should you have pain you cannot tolerate, abnormal swelling, fever or

significant pain, please call our office. We will suggest medication or other

steps to make you more comfortable. In the event of an emergency after hours

please call Dr. Nazeri’s cell phone number. If Dr. Nazeri cannot be reached

go to the ER immediately.

Will I need pain medication?

Over the counter medication such as: Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil,

Motrin, Aleve will usually alleviate the discomfort. We recommend an

anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. Take 600mg (3 x 200mg) 4 times a

day. If that does not help, take 800mg of IB Profen with 1000mg of Tylenol

every 8 hrs. For severe pain we can also prescribe a narcotic medication.

Do I need antibiotics?

In most cases, antibiotics are not required after root canal therapy. You will

be given antibiotics if we feel it is necessary. If swelling occurs after root

canal therapy or there is sever pain, most cases we will prescribe antibiotics.

How should I take care of my tooth?

Please continue your regular dental hygiene regimen. Avoid biting or

chewing on the tooth until you can get it permanently restored from your general

dentist. Currently, you have a temporary filling in your tooth. You need to see

your general dentist to get it permanently restored. Unless directed otherwise

please do not wait longer than a month to do this.

*Fortunately, most root canals heal with about 90-95% success rate.

Sometimes despite our best efforts a small percentage of patients may need

to have the root canal retreated or the tooth extracted. Please allow a good

amount of time to pass to evaluate if the root canal was successful or not. *



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