Financial policy

The major objective of this office is to provide you with the best quality dental care available anywhere. This service is based on a friendly, mutual, but business-like understanding between doctor and patient.  It is also felt that misunderstandings can be minimized if firm financial policies are agreed upon at the beginning of treatment.  The following statements are made to acquaint you with our financial policy.



1.  We will call your insurance and get an estimate on your coverage.
On average, dental insurances cover between 50% to 80% of endodontic
treatment.  We will try to come as close as possible when estimating
your portion; however, it is your responsibility to know the maximums
and deductible of your insurance company.  Your estimated portion is
to be paid in full upon completion of treatment.

2. Acceptance of insurance assignments by our office does not absolve
you of full responsibility for the charges in full for the treatment performed.
The estimate provided by this office is to be considered a guideline until
the final insurance payment is received and the patient’s account has been



We do not carry financing in our office.  All accounts must be reconciled
after treatment is complete.  There will be additional charges for any
account sent to a thrid party collection agency.


There will be a $35.00 handling fee for any returned checks.


1.  The charges for Root Canal Therapy is based on the difficulty of the
particular tooth being treated.  Front teeth (Anterior) usually have only one
canal.  Posterior teeth have greater numbers of canals and are thus more
difficult to treat. .

2.  If retreatment is necessary there will be an additional fee.  These are an
estimate of the costs.

3.  Our fee does not include the permanent filling or crown to be done by
your own dentist after completion of endodontic treatment.  We advise you
to see your dentist within 4 weeks after your root canal is complete.  Failure to
do so could compromise the root canal.





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