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Thanks for saving my tooth!!


I went in to Dr. Nazeri's office thinking I need a root canal. But he told me I didn't need one. That all I needed was a new crown. Thank you Dr. Nazeri for your honesty.


Thank you, Thank you!!


thank you so much for going over and beyond. you have made my life easier. thanks for being so nice.


I have had a few other root canals and the treatment I received from Dr. Nazeri was by far the best. The staff was friendly, environment soothing and most importantly the root canal treatment was excellent!!


I've been meaning to write a testimonial for quite some time, but
today's the first time I've remembered to do it!

When I arrived at Micro Endodontics I recieved a warm greeting from the
receptionist who promptly had me fill out
paperwork. Once completed, I had a short wait and then was introduced
to Dr. Nazeri, who escorted me into his
room to take a look at my tooth. The nerve had closed in the root and I
was facing a root canal that could easily be
botched by someone who didn't have the tools or the experience with
complex dentistry.

Dr. Nazeri took a look and assured me that he could do the job, then got
busy giving me a big dose of novocaine so
I didn't feel any discomfort. He hooked up his high powered microscope
and went to work. Within the hour he had
completed the root canal and I did not feel a thing during the entire
procedure. He showed me the x ray after he had
competed the job and it looked perfect! The next day he phoned to make
sure I was doing well, and made sure
to suggest that my regular dentist use a rubber dam to complete the
final filling.

Having worked for a dentist many years ago, I am a discriminating
patient and I was VERY impressed with Dr. Nazeri's professionalism and
his technique. I would highly recommend Dr. Nazeri and the staff at
Advanced Micro for any
endodontic need.

Thanks for saving my tooth, Dr. Nazeri!


thank you for everything you have done.......You're a root above the rest!


Dr. Nazeri and staff, thank you so much for all your wonderful caring and heart felt help. If we had more people like your office in the world It'd be a better place. You guys are truely angels.


Dear Dr. Ferris, Thank you so much for the consultation. I know your time is valuable and I really appreciate the friendly gesture.


I wanted to provide a testimonial so that it may hopefully be added to Dr. Nazeri's site since I had such a positive experience and greatly appreciate his services. "Dr. Nazeri and his staff were an absolute joy in what felt like a dismal situation. The office manager called me during a holiday weekend after I left a message regarding a painful tooth. She immediately recognized my needs and was compassionate on top of being helpful. The establishment felt calm, inviting and warm. I appreciated the upfront, direct communication of insurance matters, Victoria made everything so simple and easy; I felt "taken care of." The attention and care was not only refreshing but in turn, a pleasant surprise considering the traumatizing experience recently suffered from a horrible dentist. Thankfully Dr. Nazeri was able to correct the damage done to my tooth while restoring my faith in dentistry. He provided helpful advice that left me with a lasting impression because he genuinely cares for his patients well being. His professionalism, sensitivity and expertise reminded me that people like him are not only provide a great service, they are such humble heros. Thank you for saving my tooth, relieving me of the agonizing months of pain and having such a great sense of urgency.

annie su

how can i find the right words to thank you-your kindness & caring mean so much to me. i really appreciate the time you spent with me. i am so happy we were able to save the tooth. i was so worried. your thoughtfulness is a work of heart. thank you again! I just can't thank you enough. thank you again! that was so nice of you to take care of me! i trully appreciate everything you have done for me. it means so much to me. thanks again


dr. nazeri and staff,
thank you for the follow up phone call. what a pleasureable experience under the circumstances. the customer service and friendliness is the best I have come across & I have had a lot of dental work completed. Thank you for the experience. I look forward to seeing you on nov 30th.


Dr. Nazeri and Victoria
thank you again for all your wonderful work. Your work is amazing and I'm so thankful I found you. Have a Merry Christmas, Sincerely


Dr. Nazeri, Wes, Kellie, Jessica
Thank you for your incredibly warm and courteous help! I am very grateful that you were all so kind, generous and efficient!


doctor and staff,
thank you so much for helping me through a tough time. Your kind and thoughtful ways of caring for your patients is better than any office I have ever been to. From a gentle rub while the shots are going in, to the fact that you give out your cell phone number. I was very impressed. Thank you!


Dr. Nazeri and staff,
I have had two root canals over the last six months. I have an anxiety disorder and a fear of needles. Dr. Nazeri was very patient with me and supportive of my special needs. He had an excellent chairside manner. His new dental assistant gave me a mini shoulder massage during the injections. Both of them worked well together given she has only been a recent addition to the team. Wes and the other team member(s) at the front desk, were informative regarding my insurance, were well organized, and pleasant. After my root canal Dr. Nazeri reviewed the post treatment instructions with me and gave me his personal cell phone number in case I needed to talk to him. Wes called me the day after my root canal to see if I had any discomfort or needed anything from them.
An extremely grateful patient.


Dr. Nazeri and staff,
Thank you so much for your consideration in regards to my dental procedure. I can't thank you enough. Sincerely,


Dr. Nazeri and staff,
Just wanted to say Thanks for making my visit a pleasant one!


Dr. Nazeri,
we returned from Costa Rica with great memories. My wife Joy had no problem with the emergency root canal you performed just before we left for Costa Rica. Thanks for your quality professional work.

Davd & Joy

I just wanted to say thanks to Doctor Nazeri and his staff for your patience and devotion to my wife as she came in for a root canal. The Doctor took a great amount of time to explain everything thoroughly both before and after the procedure which is rare today. All of your staff were very warm and caring and we felt very welcome and cared for. While I generally don't really "like" to see any dentist, I have to say that our experience here was as enjoyable as possible.


just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job on my root canal. I know it was a tough one. I was praying for you the entire time! Also, your staff was all so nice. Thanks again (to all the staff)


Dear Dr. Nazeri,
Thank you for trying to save my tooth today. I guess I was too upset when you gave me the bad news that my tooth was cracked. Want you to know you and your assistant showed support while I was going through it all. Your office staff were very helpful too.
Thanks to you all!


thank you so much for the outstanding care I received at your office during my emergency. I have never in my life been to an office so caring. I am a very anxious dental patient to begin with, and I was terrified when i came to your office. you and your staff were just awsome. I actually almost fell asleep!! My sincere thanks to all of you

much respect

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that the root canal you preformed was the best I have experienced (not that root canals are ever fun). I realize that this procedure was to “clean” up a previous job but none the less, I never experienced any real pain during or after the procedure.

Great job!


Thanks to all of you for your kind words and tell the doc he rocks!!!!


Dr. Nazeri, with the staff and your professionalism made the whole dental experience not so scary. Thank you for your work in saving my smile.


may all your good come back to you

John and Elizabeth

Mr. Nazeri, I like to thank you and your staff, for the good service and host at your office. I'm very grateful!! Thanks


No one loves going to the dentist, but my experience getting a root canal from Dr. Nazeri was better and quicker than I expected. The office staff were efficient and kind, as was Dr. Nazeri. I was so relieved to have it taken care of!

Christy S.

Absolutely wonderful, painless medical experience. Dr. Nazeri is warm, compassionate, talented and really takes the time to explain procedures. His staff are equally kind and responsive to your needs. I would recommend this service to anyone undergoing root canal treatment.

Darrel P.

Dr. Nazeri is truly the best in his business. He treats his customers with care, kindness, and is always listening to them. Unlike other dentists, customers do not feel rushed or distant from him. He truly gives his attention to the customers.

He has also hired a great staff that understands the value of great customer service. I highly recommend him!!

Hadi A.

My daughter had a cavity that grew under her only filling. We were referred by our dentist to Dr. Nazeri. Unfortunately, she had to have a root canal. Dr. Nazeri's office offers sedation dentistry. I was extremely nervous because my daughter has never been sedated for anything before. A very experienced anesthesiologist, Dr. Hughes, comes from UC Davis to do the sedation. I must say, both Dr. Nazeri and Dr. Hughes, and the entire team in the office, were absolutely amazing. Dr. Hughes talked with us about the entire process and I was able to sit in the room with my daughter. He was extremely communicative and it really put me at ease. Dr. Nazeri took care of the root canal and even did the final step that usually requires a follow up appointment with the regular dentist. I really appreciated the collective effort of the office to make this a smooth process for everyone. I am very grateful for the skill and compassion.

Jolynn S.

Needed a tough root canal. My Dentist in Fairfield referred me because I would need to be sedated. These guys had me asleep in no time and the root canal was over before I knew it. Great staff. Great place if you need anesthesia. Very professional.

Rick S.